Volatile Training

Welcome to Volatile Training!

This is the vfx training website of Incendii LLC (www.incendii.com) and Anselm von Seherr – Thoss. Here you can find a variety of vfx tutorials and the collection is constantly growing and will expand into various fields of expertise.

Rather then throwing them all on a single DVD where you were only interested in a third of the topics this works a little different. You pay per download! Only buy what you would really like to learn! This new business model allows for more frequent uploads since no one has to wait until the last tutorial of a whole DVD is recorded. Instead they get featured as they come.

Why are there different prices? Well, some tutorials are significantly longer or shorter then others, hence more effort and host space went into delivering it to you…

How much bang do you get for your buck? You will receive a download link for a ZIP file that contains the video tutorial in high quality 1280×720 WMV format and 3ds Max files that accompany the learning experience. All files are set up in 3ds Max 2010-64 bit or newer, all provided scene files are saved in 3ds Max 2010-64 bit for maximum backwards compatibility. All used plugins were at the latest release at time of recording.

Please keep in mind that downloads can be slow and files large so exercise patience please. Purchases ONLY available as digital download. After payment went through you will receive a unique download link dynamically generated just for you. Every purchased link has a lifetime of 48 hours to perform the download.
All sales are final.  NO REFUNDS.