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RayFire Tracer and Thinking Particles (little FumeFX)

This tutorial shows you how to setup and simulate a street crumble using the RayFire Tracer tool as well as Thinking Particles and FumeFX. Learn how to prepare fast trace maps from texture reference and how to bring all this into TP and set up a crumble system that is stackable. Set up small procedural […]

mParticles and Advanced Data Manipulation – Cloth and solving (Toolbox#2 and #3)

This mParticles tutorial shows you how to set up cloth like binding compounds using the ever so popular glue test. You will learn how to break bindings by stress, objects and gray scale maps using Box#3 and finally how to set it on fire in the end like you were a Mythbuster 🙂 Check these […]

FumeFX Clouds

This tutorial shows you how to setup and simulate clouds using FumeFX 3.5.1. To capture the cloud shape Thinkbox Frost( was used but it will work with Blobmesh or Glu3D’s PWrapper as well should you not have Frost. The clouds are able to interact with objects as well. The video is 40 minutes long in […]