Wecome to Volatile Training

Welcome to Volatile Training, the biggest source for mParticles and Advanced Data Manipulation tutorials for 3dsmax, use the top categories to browse by toolset.

So far 51 tutorial and mini bundles are in stock! Besides new tutorials the body of work is taken from my two TurboSquid DVDs (http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/index.cfm/ID/520846). The tutorials have been optimized for digital download and enhanced in sound quality. If you already have purchased any of my DVDs browse the site for new stuff 🙂 we just added a brand new Thinking Particles tutorial.

If you liked a tutorial maybe tweet about it 😉 use hash tags #3dsmax, #volatiletraining, #pflow or #mParticles or tag twitterID: ars_incendii 🙂
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If you are experiencing problem with a purchase please contact me! Thanks.

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