RayFire Tracer & TP

RayFire Tracer & Thinkin Particles tutorial

Project Description

RayFire Tracer & TP

RayFire Tracer piped into TP after breaking by map. The rifts are then volume broken and tiny debris comes off of edges but is not part of the SC simulation.
The setup is stupid simple yet has nice detail and RayFire Tracer is blazing fast fracturing it in that detail (multi threaded) and already provides you with IDs for edges and fragments! How to use RayFire Tracer check here: youtube.com/watch?v=L9ynm8U04hc

Note to self: Some pieces are lingering in mid air. a PSelect > ParticeDie will take care of that.

incendii.com/training/?p=629 84min RayFire Tracer & Thinking Particles tutorial now available volatilevfx.com

Have a good weekend y'all!