• Visual Effects like Particle FX and Digital Destruction, as well as Fluid Dynamics like fire, explosions, dust, fairy dust/magical effects, smoke, etc. for Film, TV and Commercials. Check our portfolio for samples! Computer generated effects are the right solution if a shot is too dangerous for staff and actors, too costly, or simply impossible to shoot on real film. Examples: rain, snow, mist, debris, bullets, rock, etc.), fluid dynamics, such as fire and smoke, as well as dynamic effects like collapsing rigid bodies. Please check IMDB for more reference.
  • On-Set VFX Supervision for your Louisiana shot project.
  • On-Set Kit Rental. We rent gear to local productions. Cameras, lenses, tripods, color charts, Chrome/Reference balls.
  • Consulting on your CG project. Need your staff trained on the new tool? We train and consult onsite or remote via exclusive video tutorials and meetings for your company. Check out our variety of commercial video tutorials available through TurboSquid: Particle Flow Toolbox Office DVDs . Check out over 3 hours of our Freebie tutorials here. Purchase video tutorials with 3dsmax scene files at Incendii's VOLATILE TRAINING website.
  • Shading and Lighting for your movie, commercial or product visualisation... from Photorealism to cartoon. Check out our gallery examples. With the power of CGI, we can visualize your product before the prototyping process or the actual product is even manufactured. This saves money and time from early on in your production process.For more info about filming in Louisiana and it's tax incentives please visit: and

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