Vincent van Gradient

Messing around during renderings/sims using a system based on . I modified the Box#3 operator a bit. Nothing special

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Woolmark 2018 Price

2018 Woolmark Price – BTS (Incendii VFX)Incendii VFX was contracted to create spline simulations for Factory Fifteen for the 2018 Woolmark Price fashion show bit (The interactive part was done inhouse). Houdini and 3dsmax (Box#3, FumeFX, GhostTrails) were used. The final product was a clever projection designed by Factory Fifteen timed to the soundtrack. Final composition by Factory Fifteen. Check it out! To see the fashion show reveal part we worked on separate check here: Full Behance article here: 2018 Woolmark Price – BTS (Incendii VFX)

Thinking Particles SoftBodyRip

Thinking Particles SoftBodyRip

Thinking Particles SoftBodyRip Thinking Particles soft body ripping RnD. The last 2 setups have obvious intersection issues but the cloth is only one face thick so it is close to impossible to catch a collision before it is inside the collision geo. Thicker tears would probably solve that. The ripping itself is done procedurally in TP with fragmenter set to make X amount of fragments (in the thousands). Some scale issues in the tracked shots and there is derfinitely room for shader improvement but the cars are ready-made Evermotion meshes I merged and hit render pretty much.

Thinking particles and FumeFX simulations for Northmen - A Viking Saga Movie

Northmen – A Viking Saga

I was attached to this project for on an off 13 months since early pre-production. I was able to directly interact with the director Claudio Faeh via Skype which was great. My main task was the tower destruction during a climatic moment in the movie. The simulations were all TP and the FumeFX and Krakatoa for the fire and smoke and spanned over half a dozen shots. The main animation of the tower was driven with helpers and proxy geo, and prefractured with RayFire. TP then inherited the motion and triggered VolumeBreakers based on velocity, friction/grinding against other big chunks and impact with the ground. A lot of this is covered in dust and smoke :-p The other shot that turned out great is the sinking sword which leads to the movie title. This shot is 100% CG. Shading and lighting was not done by me btw. I just delivered XMesh caches. The fabulous team over at DayForNight GmbH added the VRay and Nuke magic to it. If you are into Metal, the band Amon Amarth did the title track: The lead singer has a role in the movie as well.



Cartoon VFX for chat avatars called "COMBOTS". I used Particle Flow and AfterBurn for the effects that are used as

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This is an R&D piece about shape generation.The high res model is prefractured with "deconstructor" by Marc Lorenz then passed

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