Gentilly Gin

GentillyGin Pack Shot (tyFlow, VRay, 3dsmax) Pack shot for a local distillery.

Vincent van Gradient

Messing around during renderings/sims using a system based on . I modified the Box#3 operator a bit. Nothing special

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Iron Harvest – Game Cinematic Shots

Iron Harvest – Game Cinematic ShotsThe cinematic won the NYX 2020 Video Award! Proud to have participated: And the Vega Digital Award as well. Go Team Capsule!! I was contracted by Capsule Studio to help out on the game cinematic for Iron Harvest. These are shots where I contributed VFX simulations. The cinematic can also be watched here:

Gas Animals Redux

Gas Animals ReduxI did reprise my role as gas animal tamer. I was contracted by 108Digital to create 3 animals made of gas for a Russian energy company. They found me through one of my favorite RnD projects the Gazprom snow animals from 2010: The tricky part was that all 3 simulations have to loop to run infinte on a website. (All animals from TurboSquid)