SUVA risk – Procelain insurance commercial

SUVA risk - Procelain insurance commercial

Project Description

SUVA risk – Procelain insurance commercial

Swiss commercial for an insurance company. I left some of the voice over in so you get an impression of the final spot (it's Swiss-German dialect, he talks about how fast the accident happened and what all was broken and how expensive the treatment got without insurance). It's a bit dragging admittedly but it's a slow pace commercial after all! After the final spot you see some animations and camera angles that didn't make the cut. In case anyone is wondering what the top right counter is: That's the amount of money all his surgeries did cost in Swiss Franks...

The basic mesh was delivered from client who also rendered the final image in Maya. Fragmentation was done in RayFire and simulated at regular speed forward (triggered by a sphere for activation of sleeping objects), then time reversed in max and stretched by 200%. Some hero pieces are hand animated because there were special timing requests, like the head has to go last, e.g. everything was baked out of 3DSmax and then ported to Maya via FBX to be rendered on client side. Quick little project. around a week's work on the side...

Done for Recom Farmhouse, London (