Star Trek – Into Darkness Making Of

Star Trek 2 - Into Darkness Movie VFX

Project Description

Star Trek – Into Darkness Making Of

This a little making of from the shots i touched on Star Trek - Into Darkness.

I created elements and libraries for 13 shots for AtomicFiction. Mostly for the breaking apart machine room. Busted pipes, bursting steam, exploding valves, all that kind of good stuff 🙂 Hero elements were simulated in the real shots. Smaller elements were simulated individually and prepared for easy merging. I then uploaded my scene files and caches to AtomicFiction so layout artists could pick elements that suited the situation from the library and pop them into the scene where needed.
The second big task were the "Arroyos". A geysir type tectonic activity on the planet where Bones and Eve disarm the Photon-Torpedo. Again here i created around 30 library sims that the supervisor Kevin Bailey could pick from and wemixed and matched what fit best.
Lastly there was Kirk to be put to rest in cryo sleep.

Everything is 3dsmax, FumeFX and VRay. All sorts of sources (particle, simple, object).
I would like to add that Star Trek was a suuuper fun experience together with AtomicFiction. Super cool team!