Iron Harvest – Game Cinematic Shots

Iron Harvest – Game Cinematic ShotsThe cinematic won the NYX 2020 Video Award! Proud to have participated: And the Vega Digital Award as well. Go Team Capsule!! I was contracted by Capsule Studio to help out on the game cinematic for Iron Harvest. These are shots where I contributed VFX simulations. The cinematic can also be watched here:

Gas Animals Redux

Gas Animals ReduxI did reprise my role as gas animal tamer. I was contracted by 108Digital to create 3 animals made of gas for a Russian energy company. They found me through one of my favorite RnD projects the Gazprom snow animals from 2010: The tricky part was that all 3 simulations have to loop to run infinte on a website. (All animals from TurboSquid)

2014 to present day: New Orleans Saints Superdome LED Gold Dust Simulations

HDD Find - 2014 to present: New Orleans Saints Superdome Gold Dust Simulations Done back in early 2014. The final output would play on a big LED wall where a LED light is essentially 1 pixel which limited the resolution to 640x480 pixels. These are earlier RnD picks. Rendered in Krakatoa in 3dsmax with larger glitter confetti rendered in VRay. FumeX base sim with box#3 particle magic. All logo and Saints related stuff is owned by it's respected copyrights.

RnD Reel 2018

These are from finished projects, gigs that didn't make it past RnD, just loose RnD and HDD finds and otherwise

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