RayFire > TP: Stone Walls

RayFire and Thinking Particles Stone Wall destruction

Project Description

RayFire > TP: Stone Walls

A bunch of test using the new RayFire Modifiers. Play time 🙂

The walls are actually modeled wit Polyboost. Very simple to do. I then detached the individual stones.
In the first video i pre-fragmented the rift with the RayFire Fragmenter and then attached it all back together so i could use the RayFire Cluster modifier to make interesting big chunks. Those are then piped into TP and triggered by a Sphere (InMesh operator). Based on size and impact velocity they dynamically break with VB upon ground hit.
To give it some extra kick the activated fragments get a little spherical high turbulence wind and spin once upon entering the active group. The fragments are also sticking into the ground a bit. I envision that to happen if a 1ton piece of stone hits sand or mud...

The second and third video is the same setup minus the dynamic VB breaking, everything is prepped with RayFire modifiers. The third one "melts" pretty bad but i like the high friction connectivity without using any joints. (Also nasty material popping, i with there was a good and easy way to re-shade TP post caching)

The fourth video is slightly different, here the rift was fragmented inside of TP with 2 cascaded VBs. The simulation is driven by a proxy sim of just 40 pieces that are pushed over. then Pattached the small pieces to that. works okay if you want it to fall to rubble along the way 🙂 check out the proxy sim which is very low res.

The last test was an accident. Tried to joint it but too much Elasticity and not enough friction exploded the whole operation