Loewenzahn – Das Kinoabenteuer (Rock impact)

Loewenzahn Movie VFX

Project Description

Loewenzahn – Das Kinoabenteuer (Rock impact)

In late 2010 I worked together with LuxxStudios once again for round about 10 days on and off to create dynamics for a rock rolling downhill and impacting into a cottage.
The simulation was based off if my earlier Box#2/#3 rolling stone test further back in my vimeo profile where you can read a bit more about the under the hood stuff.

The cottage impact was shot practically and the angle doesn't reveal the rock breaking through the wood so for the impact all it took was some generic debris to make it all look a nit more dramatic 🙂

All final shading and compositing done by LuxxStudios.

Old rolling stone test: vimeo.com/16520425