Battle of Vienna – RnD and Master Scenes

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Project Description

Battle of Vienna – RnD and Master Scenes

I was approached by BlowFishVFX to help them out with some canon fire and dirt hit/mortar impact setups for a polish movie about the "Battle of Vienna" when the turks sieged vienna: The international/english title is "September Eeven, 1683" in case you wonder.
My part was RnD and master scene setups in less then a week time to create ready made sims/setups that could be popped to objects in scene. Every effect was linked to a master point helper and could be merged and scaled and positioned into place where needed. Like a ready made library item.
The canon smoke is pretty violent and noisy. That's due to the windy reference of practical shots. The first few rows of canon would be practical. Some are too violent but that was RnD only 😉 Overall the look was more defined by the practical elements in order to match! Also please pardon my shitty canon animation...
Same goes goes for the dirt hits. They were composed in with practical effects like wood bursting, dust and ground/dirt charges that were filmed practical on set.

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