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Welcome to Incendii's website.

For a second you thought it sounds like candy. Didn't you?

It is actually latin and means Fire. It is the genitive of the word and that being said it express some relationship such as possession or origin.

And that sums up what we do pretty good already! Fire with passion.

But what do we do?
We do visual effects and 3Dimensional design.

Your Incendii team.

incendium ( genitive incendii ); n , second declension

  1. A fire , inferno , conflagration ; heat ; torch .
  2. ( heat of) passion , vehemence

Now come back to our site, will ya?!

Incendii is an award winning visual effects and 3Dimensional design house based in New Orleans. We deliver computer generated visual effects with an emphasis on particle simulation and 3D animation for Film, TV and commercials.We scale easily and reach out to a database of various freelancers for any task. Check the portfolio for work references.

For more info about filming in Louisiana and it's tax incentives please visit: Louisianaentertainment.gov and Filmneworleans.org/for-filmmakers

Services: Visual Effects for Film and TV / Commercials / Consulting / Product Visualisation / 3Dimensional Design / Compositing+Post Production.
Check the Services page for more info. Purchase video tutorials with 3dsmax scene files at Incendii's VOLATILE TRAINING website.

Selection of projects that have been working on, at various studios or here:
James Cameron's AVATARRidley Scott's Robin HoodStar Trek 2 - Into DarknessBeautiful CreaturesThe A-TeamPriestG.I. Joe - Rise of Cobra21 Jump Street

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