Droid DNA

Droid DNA Commercial

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Droid DNA

Droid DNA commercial.
This was more of a helping out gig for "The Colony" in NY. I was responsible for hexagons assembling the chassis of the phone, assembling it's 1080p HD hi-def screen and the "beat audio" powered speakers. I used Box# for the random motion and slowing down gradually when getting close to the low res phone chassis i got from the client. The sound was FumeFX driven particles rendered in Krakatoa. FumeFX Follow influence was animated by audio controller, hence the pulsing/bouncing. 5 days total on and off, hexagon elements where exported to Maya and rendered on client side.

HTC "Droid Rising."
The Droid DNA by HTC launch video.
TRT 00:00:55

Agency: Works
Creative Director: Julian Rad

Production Company: The Colony
Creative Director: David Gaddie
Executive Producer: Angela Bowen
Director: Andreas Berner
Producer: Nathan Jew
Designer: Jordan Lister
Final Compositor: Nick Crist
3D Animation Lead/Lighting: Szymon Weglarski, HiFi 3D
3D Modeling Lead/Rigging: Jonathan Dorfman, HiFi 3D
3D Animator: Akira Thompson
3D Animator: Thomas Panayiotou
3D Animator: Georges Maragdis
3D Animator: Parthiban Selangovan
3D Animator: Elias Saliba
3D Animator: Paul Wei
Krakatoa/3dsmax Artist: Anselm von Seherr-Thoss
2D Animation Lead: Joseph Spaid
2D Animation: Birgit Rathsmann