Cartoon VFX for chat avatars called "COMBOTS". I used Particle Flow and AfterBurn for the effects that are used as

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This is an R&D piece about shape generation.The high res model is prefractured with "deconstructor" by Marc Lorenz then passed

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sand lady

Sand Lady

Saw a great Houdini Fluid Sand test here: and gave it a shot without fluids.Particle Flow Toolbox#3. Sand flings

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sand men destruction with PFlow Box#2 and Krakatoa

Enter Sandman

Enter SandmanRnD for another CG studio. You are looking at nasty dirt/sand trouble makers in your household 🙂 Krakatoa PRT volumes cached as single frame with inherited sand shader from un-animated source meshes. Then KrakatoaSkinWrapped to the animated and fractured version of the same mesh. Animated noise map and 2 KCMs for the "acid burn/eating away" and another KCM for shader animation. Animations are from the BIPs that ship with Max. Cached with Supermesher, dublicated and time curve animated for variation. Pre-fracturing was done in Rayfire. Crumble animation triggered with PFlow Box#2. Un-animated Fragments were simply Lock/Bonded to the whole animated mesh and triggered over time and gray scale with Box#3 where and when i needed them. Set up and rendered on the side on my notebook (core2duo, 4GB). Setup is super fast.

cabin termites

Cabin termites

Termite worms...serious business :D And other little tests i ran on the side...Testing the new Demolition Master 1.505 along with

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RayFire Tracer & Thinkin Particles tutorial

RayFire Tracer & TP

RayFire Tracer & TP RayFire Tracer piped into TP after breaking by map. The rifts are then volume broken and tiny debris comes off of edges but is not part of the SC simulation. The setup is stupid simple yet has nice detail and RayFire Tracer is blazing fast fracturing it in that detail (multi threaded) and already provides you with IDs for edges and fragments! How to use RayFire Tracer check here: Note to self: Some pieces are lingering in mid air. a PSelect > ParticeDie will take care of that. 84min RayFire Tracer & Thinking Particles tutorial now available Have a good weekend y'all!