Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2 Cinematic

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. 2 Cinematic – Mini MakingOf

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. 2 Cinematic – Mini MakingOf Some elements i did R&D on for Full cinematic can be watched here: Done by Property of Tom Clancy's + Ubisoft. The task was to prepare scene setups for vfx artists at Luxx Studios that can easily be modified to meet final needs. The Hummer was pre-fractured with RayFire and then blown up with particle flow toolbox2 and fumefx. The "Angel of Death" is particle driven with cylindical simple sources with lots of radial and directional force and spinning geometry to simulate rotor turbulence.

Avatar Movie VFX Home tree holographic table

Incendii Film Reel 2011/1

Incendii Film Reel 2011/1This is my recent Film Reel 2011/1. As you might know i split up my reels into Film and TV/Commercial/RnD. The Commercial reel can be found here: This is my Film work and some selected highlights. It features recent work from "Priest", "AVATAR", Priest, Ridley Scott's "Robin Hood", The A-Team, G.I. Joe-Rise of Cobra, Dragonball:Evolution, Niko & The Way to the Stars and Angel Camouflaged as well as Music video work for the Black Eyed Peas and Willow Smith and TV shows like "House MD". 720p for your viewing pleasure 🙂 All movie scenes are most likely a team effort. Shot breakdowns: Thanks for watching and thanks to every artist who participated in making this possible!

Loewenzahn Movie VFX

Loewenzahn – Das Kinoabenteuer (Rock impact)

Loewenzahn – Das Kinoabenteuer (Rock impact)In late 2010 I worked together with LuxxStudios once again for round about 10 days on and off to create dynamics for a rock rolling downhill and impacting into a cottage. The simulation was based off if my earlier Box#2/#3 rolling stone test further back in my vimeo profile where you can read a bit more about the under the hood stuff. The cottage impact was shot practically and the angle doesn't reveal the rock breaking through the wood so for the impact all it took was some generic debris to make it all look a nit more dramatic 🙂 All final shading and compositing done by LuxxStudios. Old rolling stone test:

21 Jump Street Movie VFX

21 Jump Street – Limo Flip MAKING OF

21 Jump Street – Limo Flip MAKING OF This is the making of from 2 of the shots i worked on with DuMonde VFX in New Orleans for 21 Jump Street, the movie remake of the 80s tv show 🙂 Initial RnD involved deforming of the car as well. For the actual shots II got animation delivered. FumeFX for various elements like the main explosion, dedicated window fire, secondary ground fire, etc. Procedural and hand painted burn maps and vanilla PFlow for window and secondary fire. Rendered in VRay. This was done in a month on and off, probably more around 2 weeks real work time.

SUVA risk - Procelain insurance commercial

SUVA risk – Procelain insurance commercial

SUVA risk – Procelain insurance commercial Swiss commercial for an insurance company. I left some of the voice over in so you get an impression of the final spot (it's Swiss-German dialect, he talks about how fast the accident happened and what all was broken and how expensive the treatment got without insurance). It's a bit dragging admittedly but it's a slow pace commercial after all! After the final spot you see some animations and camera angles that didn't make the cut. In case anyone is wondering what the top right counter is: That's the amount of money all his surgeries did cost in Swiss Franks... The basic mesh was delivered from client who also rendered the final image in Maya. Fragmentation was done in RayFire and simulated at regular speed forward (triggered by a sphere for activation of sleeping objects), then time reversed in max and stretched by 200%. Some hero pieces are hand animated because there were special timing requests, like the head has to go last, e.g. everything was baked out of 3DSmax and then ported to Maya via FBX to be rendered on client side. Quick little project. around a week's work on the side... Done for Recom Farmhouse, London (

Incendii commercial show reel 2013

Incendii TV-Commercial-RnD Reel 2013-1

Incendii TV-Commercial-RnD Reel 2013-1Like us on Facebook 🙂 I haven't done a new reel in over 2 years (which is a good thing, i am busy 🙂 ) but over the holidays i sat down finally and made a new one. Enjoy! This reel shows work on new Commercials for Coors Light, HTC/Droid, Qualcomm "SnapDragon", British Gas and others as well as some short Movie work and movie R&D, TV shows like HOUSE MD and The Asset, music videos for David Guetta, Black Eyed Peas and Willow Smith and portions of RnD and viral youtube videos. A new film reel is coming at some point as well but it takes its time to gather over 3 minutes of brand new film material 😉 . Most of the movies and game cinematics i worked on recently are not even out yet. I sneaked in 3 smaller movie gigs however 😉 Shot breakdown: For wireframes, viewport previews and all things "Making Ofs" please check out my vimeo profile with 175 videos: Thanks for watching and thanks to every artist who participated in making this possible! Websites: Meet me on social networks: Twitter:

RayFire and Thinking Particles Stone Wall destruction

RayFire > TP: Stone Walls

RayFire > TP: Stone WallsA bunch of test using the new RayFire Modifiers. Play time 🙂 The walls are actually modeled wit Polyboost. Very simple to do. I then detached the individual stones. In the first video i pre-fragmented the rift with the RayFire Fragmenter and then attached it all back together so i could use the RayFire Cluster modifier to make interesting big chunks. Those are then piped into TP and triggered by a Sphere (InMesh operator). Based on size and impact velocity they dynamically break with VB upon ground hit. To give it some extra kick the activated fragments get a little spherical high turbulence wind and spin once upon entering the active group. The fragments are also sticking into the ground a bit. I envision that to happen if a 1ton piece of stone hits sand or mud... The second and third video is the same setup minus the dynamic VB breaking, everything is prepped with RayFire modifiers. The third one "melts" pretty bad but i like the high friction connectivity without using any joints. (Also nasty material popping, i with there was a good and easy way to re-shade TP post caching) The fourth video is slightly different, here the rift was fragmented inside of TP with 2 cascaded VBs. The simulation is driven by a proxy sim of just 40 pieces that are pushed over. then Pattached the small pieces to that. works okay if you want it to fall to rubble along the way 🙂 check out the proxy sim which is very low res. The last test was an accident. Tried to joint it but too much Elasticity and not enough friction exploded the whole operation