21 Jump Street Movie VFX

21 Jump Street – Limo Flip MAKING OF

21 Jump Street – Limo Flip MAKING OF This is the making of from 2 of the shots i worked on with DuMonde VFX in New Orleans for 21 Jump Street, the movie remake of the 80s tv show 🙂 Initial RnD involved deforming of the car as well. For the actual shots II got animation delivered. FumeFX for various elements like the main explosion, dedicated window fire, secondary ground fire, etc. Procedural and hand painted burn maps and vanilla PFlow for window and secondary fire. Rendered in VRay. This was done in a month on and off, probably more around 2 weeks real work time.

battle of vienna movie

Battle of Vienna – RnD and Master Scenes

Battle of Vienna – RnD and Master Scenes I was approached by BlowFishVFX to help them out with some canon fire and dirt hit/mortar impact setups for a polish movie about the "Battle of Vienna" when the turks sieged vienna: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Vienna The international/english title is "September Eeven, 1683" in case you wonder. My part was RnD and master scene setups in less then a week time to create ready made sims/setups that could be popped to objects in scene. Every effect was linked to a master point helper and could be merged and scaled and positioned into place where needed. Like a ready made library item. The canon smoke is pretty violent and noisy. That's due to the windy reference of practical shots. The first few rows of canon would be practical. Some are too violent but that was RnD only 😉 Overall the look was more defined by the practical elements in order to match! Also please pardon my shitty canon animation... Same goes goes for the dirt hits. They were composed in with practical effects like wood bursting, dust and ground/dirt charges that were filmed practical on set. The trailer can be watched here: youtube.com/watch?v=ieF14f_qnhc official movie site: bitwapodwiedniem-film.pl/ imdb site: imdb.com/title/tt1899285/ some behind the scenes in polish: carrycoalstonewcastle.tumblr.com/post/33160933184/bitwa-pod-wiedniem-czy-tez-bardziej-chwytliwy

Incendii commercial show reel 2013

Incendii TV-Commercial-RnD Reel 2013-1

Incendii TV-Commercial-RnD Reel 2013-1Like us on Facebook 🙂 tinyurl.com/664q5z8 I haven't done a new reel in over 2 years (which is a good thing, i am busy 🙂 ) but over the holidays i sat down finally and made a new one. Enjoy! This reel shows work on new Commercials for Coors Light, HTC/Droid, Qualcomm "SnapDragon", British Gas and others as well as some short Movie work and movie R&D, TV shows like HOUSE MD and The Asset, music videos for David Guetta, Black Eyed Peas and Willow Smith and portions of RnD and viral youtube videos. A new film reel is coming at some point as well but it takes its time to gather over 3 minutes of brand new film material 😉 . Most of the movies and game cinematics i worked on recently are not even out yet. I sneaked in 3 smaller movie gigs however 😉 Shot breakdown: incendii.com/gallery/Incendii_tv-commercial-rnd_breakdown2013-1.jpg For wireframes, viewport previews and all things "Making Ofs" please check out my vimeo profile with 175 videos: vimeo.com/psychosilence Thanks for watching and thanks to every artist who participated in making this possible! Websites: Incendii.com Incendii.com/training 3Delicious.com Meet me on social networks: Twitter: twitter.com/ars_incendii linkedin.com/in/3delicious vimeo.com/psychosilence psychosilence.cgsociety.org imdb.com/name/nm2957221

Star Trek 2 - Into Darkness Movie VFX

Star Trek – Into Darkness Making Of

Star Trek – Into Darkness Making OfThis a little making of from the shots i touched on Star Trek - Into Darkness. I created elements and libraries for 13 shots for AtomicFiction. Mostly for the breaking apart machine room. Busted pipes, bursting steam, exploding valves, all that kind of good stuff 🙂 Hero elements were simulated in the real shots. Smaller elements were simulated individually and prepared for easy merging. I then uploaded my scene files and caches to AtomicFiction so layout artists could pick elements that suited the situation from the library and pop them into the scene where needed. The second big task were the "Arroyos". A geysir type tectonic activity on the planet where Bones and Eve disarm the Photon-Torpedo. Again here i created around 30 library sims that the supervisor Kevin Bailey could pick from and wemixed and matched what fit best. Lastly there was Kirk to be put to rest in cryo sleep. Everything is 3dsmax, FumeFX and VRay. All sorts of sources (particle, simple, object). I would like to add that Star Trek was a suuuper fun experience together with AtomicFiction. Super cool team!