Dust and rubble simulation for Suzuki commercial

Suzuki SX4 commercial

Suzuki SX4 commercialDigital dust and debris (FumeFX, Krakatoa & VRay) for a Suzuki commercial.

Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2 Cinematic

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. 2 Cinematic – Mini MakingOf

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. 2 Cinematic – Mini MakingOf Some elements i did R&D on for Luxx-Studios.com Full cinematic can be watched here: gametrailers.com/video/exclusive-debut-hawx-2/701517 Done by luxx-studios.com. Property of Tom Clancy's + Ubisoft. The task was to prepare scene setups for vfx artists at Luxx Studios that can easily be modified to meet final needs. The Hummer was pre-fractured with RayFire and then blown up with particle flow toolbox2 and fumefx. The "Angel of Death" is particle driven with cylindical simple sources with lots of radial and directional force and spinning geometry to simulate rotor turbulence.

Avatar Movie VFX Home tree holographic table

Incendii Film Reel 2011/1

Incendii Film Reel 2011/1This is my recent Film Reel 2011/1. As you might know i split up my reels into Film and TV/Commercial/RnD. The Commercial reel can be found here: vimeo.com/24622443 This is my Film work and some selected highlights. It features recent work from "Priest", "AVATAR", Priest, Ridley Scott's "Robin Hood", The A-Team, G.I. Joe-Rise of Cobra, Dragonball:Evolution, Niko & The Way to the Stars and Angel Camouflaged as well as Music video work for the Black Eyed Peas and Willow Smith and TV shows like "House MD". 720p for your viewing pleasure 🙂 All movie scenes are most likely a team effort. Shot breakdowns: incendii.com/gallery/Incendii_film_breakdown2011-1.jpg Thanks for watching and thanks to every artist who participated in making this possible!

Qualcomm CES Keynote MAKING OF

Qualcomm CES Keynote MAKING OF

Qualcomm CES Keynote MAKING OFAnother show reunited and wrapped with 1stAvenueMachine 🙂 This time a keynote's supporting animations and vfx for the CES trade show 2012, client was Qualcomm. Check the sidebar to see how it looked live! These are selected shots i worked on mostly during RnD and pre-production, figuring out stuff. The final shots were set up and rendered in their NY facility based on my setups. The final renderings are a mix of Krakatoa, VRay with in camera DOF and Trapcode Form (as well as Plexus for AfterEffetcs). I was not involved in the final renderings and setup so I don't claim any the fame.