Tyrant Ep. 108 Plane explosion

Tyrant Ep. 108 Plane explosion

Tyrant Ep. 108 Plane explosionThis was for a TV show where things can change on a dime until it airs. Same happened here. A stock explosion was used in the end for an other wise fine element due to no time to resim. Some of the sims didn't turn out bad though and I haven't uploaded anything in a bit. So here is one for you 🙂 Base setup is TP. Fragmenter by 2 lights back to back since it had to be a double explosion! 2 bursts following each other with debris hitting the ground by the end of the shot. Small and extra debris off of the edges, extra huge debris, edge detail (attaching std shapes to the edges to make them look more complex). All bigger debris are collision objects to FumeFX. sparks and FumeFX drivers are pflow. Just because it is so quick to set up. No brainer. Multiple particle sources for different colors. Lighter smoke, darker smoke, explosions 1&2, velocities constantly pushing through to break up billowing. The FumeFX sim could definitely use more sub steps and grid detail BUT bare in mind this was for tv (tight schedule) and to be seen from a mile away.

Cosmos TV Show VFX of Vulcano Edna

COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey – Mini Making Of (Vulcano Edna errution)

COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey – Mini Making Of (Vulcano Edna errution)My vulcano simuation for the very popular TV show COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey with Neil DeGrasse Tyson (nominated for an EMMY). The most challenging part was the fact that the simulation is roughly 1500 frames long (!) and had to move very slowly while maintaining detail. Not the easiest of tasks! The final sims was retimed in FumeFX by 200% which caused a few flicker headaches. It is not really designed to retime that much. The fume grid was pretty massive in size as well and used around 12-16gb of ram.

Particle sparks and FumeFX simulations for Transformers 4 - Age of Extinction Movie

Transformers 4 – Ratchet Torches Mini MakingOf

Transformers 4 – Ratchet Torches Mini MakingOf I once again had the pleasure to work with Atomic Fiction. This time on Transformers 4. Now htat the DVD is out I can finally show it. Mega res head of Ratchet as well as match moves were delivered. Rest was done in 3dsmax with a TP system that fuels the torches, emits sparks based on FumeFX heat and the type of metal the torches hit. Each element had to be rendered individual and in stereo for Stereo3d compositing. That's 5 elements per torch, 4 or more torches each shot through 2 cameras in VRay. The sparks had to match the sparks in the plate. One of the biggest challenges was the interaction with the Ratchet model. It was VERY detailed and high res, custom collision objects had to be created and the model thinned out for fluid dynamics. I originally did more shots than what you see but they ended up on the cutting floor. Fabian helped with the intial RnD while I was still busy with another movie. Hope you like it.